Thursday, August 26, 2010

Homeschooling Thoughts

Sometimes, not very often actually, but sometimes,I wonder if homeschooling our boys was the best decision. Don't get me wrong, most days I love it. There are bad days, though. I'm sure there are bad classroom days at schools as well. But with the boys at home, we can just take a break. Knowing them as well as I do, I can tell when nothing will be learned and it will just be a constant struggle and we just take the day off. Thankfully, Trevor is a very eager learner with quite the teachable spirit and those days are few and far between. To be honest, sometimes I just need a break to get caught up around the house or to just have a relaxed day with my boys. Truth be told, we still school on those off days. There are teachable moments everywhere. And we are constantly on the lookout for them. Like I said before, I love it - I really do. There's nothing like watching your child learn and discover new things. Nothing like seeing them open their minds and hearts to God's wonders.

Anyway, back to the original reason for this blog post. (I've been writing this in my head for the past couple of days so you'll have to forgive the randomness and the length!) When I begin to wonder if I'm doing the best for my family by homeschooling, something like this usually happens:

My boys - having an impromptu "art lesson." They did this on their own. I was inside cooking supper and cleaning the kitchen. Of course I knew they were outside, but I had no idea they were doing this:

When I discovered them through the window, I picked up my camera and headed outdoors to capture this precious moment. And I just had to share it with you all.

Yep, I think we made the right decision to homeschool. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter '09

For Easter this year we went to South Carolina and boy did we have FUN!!!
We visited a park down the road from Grammy and Grampy's house a couple of times.

I thought this was a tractor but Travis quickly informed me it was a monstor truck. Silly me:)

Guess what Travis is doing here! Yep, you guessed it...pooping! He pooed both times we visited the park!
The Big Easter Egg Hunt: Off they go!!!

The cousins from left to right: Travis, Seth, Trevor, Sabrina and Haley.
Thanks, Grammy and Grampy for the cool Spiderman watch!

And thanks for the cool army "crops."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

4 Wheeler Fix-up

Recently, Gary found a wrecked
1998 Polaris 500 Sportsman in a local trade paper.
We picked it up a few Saturdays ago and here are
some before and after pictures.

All the other pieces.

After a few purchases from Ebay and a local 4 wheeler salvage yard
we have our finished product!! And boy does it ride well!

The boys love it, too. ;)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trevor Math

Trevor is learning some math and right now we're focusing on subtraction. Anyway, the other day he woke up from his nap and told me the following "math" story:
"Mom, if you have 5 bad guys and 4 bombs then you will have 1 bad guy left." Brilliant.

*The pictures are from a while back when we were still learning letters. I don't have any recent pictures of school time. Guess I'll have to remedy that sometime soon!*

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mississippi Snow

Did you know it snowed here March 1st? Well, here are some pics to prove it. Better late than never, I guess! Enjoy!

The best part: SNOW CREAM!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This morning I fixed 6 pieces of cinnamon toast. No, not for me!!! Trevor ate 4 (with the crusts removed) and Travis ate 2. Anyway, it made me think about the probably hundreds of pieces of cinnamon toast my mom fixed Chris, Libby and me growing up. Sweet memories, Thanks Mom! I love you very much and appreciate the many sacrifices you made for us.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back in January, Trevor went to the dentist. Y'all, I am so proud of how well he does at the dentist!! This was his third visit and he never gives me any trouble. In fact, I think he may even like it a little.

Playing his Leapster while waiting.
Travis stayed with Aunt Kia but Grant went with us.

Before the festivities began.

See how excited he is?

Mrs. Nikki cleaning those pearly whites.

Using "Mr. Slurpy"

Dr. Porter checking out the teeth. Yes, he got a good report, of course!