Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fun with Neighbors

This evening our neighbors invited us over for hamburgers, etc. They also had a bonfire after supper. It was much fun and the food was great! Brian and I were tired after a long, frustrating day putting in our new door. More on that tomorrow. BTW, the camera did not come in time for pictures of door install, but I will put a picture of the new door later. The trim is not around the inside, yet, so I'll wait until then. For now, here are some pictures from our evening with the neighbors. Thanks, neighbors:)

Travis in the dog house.
(First picture taken on our new camera.)

Trevor and Travis gathering sticks for the bonfire.
That Travis loves picking up sticks!

The bonfire (with our old door on top).

Trevor at home after the festivities.

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Jon and Ashley said...

Rachel! I had no idea you had a blog... I am so excited and will be checking often to see how those cute boys of yours are. Hope all is well for you and Brian. I miss y'all.