Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trevor Poses (and a brief update)

Thought I needed some Trevor poses since Travis already had his pose entry. These are Trevor's favorite poses when taking pictures. He's such a clown!!

Trevor's Pirate Pose (aaarrgh!)
Wow! I caught Trevor being nice to the kitty (what a rarity).
Don't know exactly what to name this pose, but it is the one most frequently taken.
See my teeth? Are any loose yet?
Trevor was pretending to be a gorilla (I think).
The birthday party is this weekend and we are very excited. Can't wait to post pictures of that. The boys are looking forward to having all their friends over to play at the house. And, of course, Trevor is looking forward to all the presents, too. It's hard to believe it's time for another birthday party around here. They are growing so fast!! Trevor is still obsessed with who is stronger and whom he can beat up. Travis is talking up a storm. He's really into repeating things you say to him and it is very cute. Well, sometimes Trevor gets annoyed with it, but what can you expect from a big brother? Trevor is doing a little school work every other day and Monday we tried writing numbers but he was NOT interested. Such a struggle. Today we did some matching, circling and comparing. He did have to try to write the numbers 1, 2 and 3, though. I helped him since it was the last thing we did and I did not want to end on a sour note.....again. Nothing much more going on around here. We started back with preschool choir last Wednesday. If I remember my camera tonight, I'll take pictures and post them if and when I get permission from the parents.
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone and leave a comment so I'll know you're looking!

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Aunt Kia said...

This kid couldn't look more like his daddy if he were stamped out of a mold.