Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4 Wheeler Ridin'

A long time ago, back in November, Gary aka Pappaw bought a 4 wheeler. Of course, we had to try the thing out! Here are some pics from way back in November when we all went riding in the gravel pit.

The boys all ready to go.
There they go....

Through the brush?

Look at that Trevor go!!!

Daddy and Travis cruisin' along.

Here they come...

almost there....

yay...they made it.

Oh what fun we had that day!

Potty break

Who's that?

Daddy showin' off.

Of course the boys had to do some rock climbing.

Fun, fun, fun


Hope you all enjoyed this flashback to last November. I found some more pics I meant to post but never got around to so look for another post soon. I promise to fulfill my blogging obligation this time, folks. And, no, the picture browser is still not cooperating. It will probably be next weekend before Brian and I can sit down together and figure it out. Until then.......have a happy day, folks!

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Aunt Kia said...

Hey, whose cool gravel pit was that? I want to go to there!