Thursday, February 5, 2009


So, I recently joined the Facebook cult and was tagged to do a list entitled 21 Random Facts About Me. It was quite fun but I can't help thinking doing a blog post on 21 Random Facts on Trevor and then another blog post on 21 Random Facts on Travis would be so much more fun!!! And, since I am their mommy, I can do more than 21 facts if I so choose. So, you know me, I must first pen said facts on paper because I think better on paper. I plan on being finished by this weekend (no, I have not started the lists, yet) and will post ASAP. I also have some pics that I took before the computer reload which led to a new mother board that I want to post. I know it will be hard and will feel like waiting on Christmas all over again when we just finished all that waiting but I promise it will be worth it when I finish my blog post marathon this weekend. Stay warm y'all.

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