Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here's today's lunch conversation with Travis:

Around 10:00 Travis: "I want chocate nilk!"
Mom: "No, you already had 2 cups today. How about some juice or lemonade?"
Travis: "Okay, _____." (the blank was his version of lemonade which I can not spell out but it was sure cute).

A little later on Mom: "Travis, do you want a cheese quesadilla for lunch like Trevor?"
Travis: "No, chocate nilk."
Mom: "You can't have chocolate milk. Would you like a ham sandwich?"
Travis: no response
Mom: "Would you like a turkey sandwich?"
Travis: no response
Mom: "Would you like a bologna sandwich?"
Travis: "Ice cream sandwich!"
Of course, I told him he could have an ice cream sandwich after he ate some lunch but he just ran out of the kitchen to play. Oh my! I believe the boy inherited my sweet tooth! Off to fix lunch. I guess we'll work something out. He may just skip lunch. Wouldn't be the first time!
Hope you all have a fab lunch.

**Update: Travis had some cheese quesadilla and some ice cream sandwich for lunch.**

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