Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Okay, the kids are watching Max & Ruby and Grant is still snoozing. I uploaded these pics earlier this AM (and it took forever). During the week of Thanksgiving my brother and his family and Mom and Bobby (I first typed Booby ha-ha) were here and on Tuesday we made cookies. Lots of fun, but, again, I am so like my mother and too impatient. I'm afraid to pray for patience because I just might get what I prayed for! But I guess I'm getting it anyway with 3 little kids at my house all day! Just a note: Aunt Melissa made the dough Monday so we did not have to suffer through that (Thank you, Aunt Melissa:)!

First, rolling out the dough and cutting out the cookies:

Okay, I promise it wasn't scary and I wasn't getting too impatient at this point. Just liked this pic; Trevor is such a poser.

This is Aunt Melissa with Travis; now she has patience.

Ain't that the sweetest face!?! I think this one deserves a spot on the fridge;)

Grammie and Jonathan; Grammie has much more patience with her grandkids!!

This is Beth; she's 10 and can do her own dough (yeah!).
Second, decorating the cookies:

Oh, boy.

Trevor loved drawing with the icing but did not like to eat it.

Third, the finished product:

Fourth, eating the cookies:

Yum, Yum!

I love this picture of Booby, I mean, Grampie!
Hope you all enjoyed this culinary display of rolling, cutting, decorating and eating sugar cookies. We sure enjoyed making them and I did not get impatient this time. I guess it helps to have good helpers like Aunt Melissa and Grammie around. One more thing, I didn't take a picture but graceful Rachel spilled about 2.5 pounds of Gold Medal all-purpose flour all over the table, rug and a few unbaked, cut-out but not decorated cookies. Maybe that's why I have such little patience for these kinds of things! Oh, well! Thank You, Lord for inventing the vacuum cleaner!

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Aunt Kia said...

First cupcakes, now Christmas cookies. I swear, what is wrong with that boy?