Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gingerbread House

Okay, folks! We are here! No time for catch-up today; maybe next week while Daddy's off work. Yesterday, the boys and I finally made our gingerbread house. Now, before you scroll over the pictures, just remember there were 2 young boys and a somewhat impatient mommy working on this house. Hence only the roof and "lawn" are decorated. Boy, was I glad when this was over! I think we'll take Grammie's advice and try those gingerbread trees next year! Don't let me fool you, though; all in all we had much fun.

I was proud of the boys for not eating any of the candy. The icing was another story, though. I guess they just couldn't resist.

The finished product. Not so bad, I guess; and we used all of the candy, too!

The following pictures were taken Sunday before church. The boys looked so handsome in their sweaters and I just couldn't resist since we had not taken any pics by the Christmas tree. These were the best 2 out of about 10. Lately, Travis is not very cooperative in front of the camera. Last weekend we took pictures for the church directory. It was quite an experience. Oh, well. At least Trevor never gives any trouble with pictures. He's always up to cheezin' in front of the camera!

What do ya think? Christmas card material?
I really hope to catch up on the blog next week some. I have lots of pictures and a few stories to tell. It just takes so long and as I was posting this entry I put Trevor in time out 2 times and have had to stop and discipline both boys at least 10 times! So frustrating! Oh well, at least I have 2 healthy, very active, wonderful boys to discipline. We are truly blessed.
Love you all!


Jon and Ashley said...

Yay!!!! An update... I was so excited to log on today and find new pics of those cute Manchester boys :) Looks like y'all had a ton of fun too! Merry Christmas!

Aunt Kia said...

Here's a tip: decorate the walls and roof while they are laying flat, let dry and assemble. Much easier, and you won't be bald when it's over.