Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So, we went to Kansas for Christmas and there was snow on the ground when we got there and it snowed the second night (while we were sleeping). The boys were so very excited and played in it every day they could. The snow melted completely the day after Christmas (and boy was it messy). Here are (a lot) of my fave pictures. Yes, I was behind the camera and I was also off limits for snow balls.

"Now, where did that Trevor run off to?"

The biggest snowball ever!!!

Much to our surprise, Travis really enjoyed playing in the snow. He usually does not like to be cold, but the wind was not blowing so I guess it did not bother him too much.

Sliding on the ice. Of course big brother got in on the action after this but I didn't get his picture for some reason.
Trevor said they were being snow monsters in this picture (stomp, stomp).
I meant for this to be the last picture, but I still haven't figured out in what order blogger downloads these things!

Watch out!!!
We had a good time and we are so thankful for safe trips to and from Kansas. Look for more posts later this week. Lots of pics to go through from Christmas.

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Aunt Kia said...

I am jealous, although I know you can't understand that, having lived through a blizzard and all. What wonderful memories you and Brian are making for your boys! Keep up the good work!