Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here's a recap of our week in Kansas:

When we arrived on Monday the boys were ready to try on their snow boots. We purchased the snow boots somewhere in Missouri because, for some strange reason, there were no snow boots in the Columbus Wal-Mart. Imagine that!

I tell you what...these stairs were great entertainment the entire week. I think we should add on a basement just for the stairs.

After playing in the snow Tuesday morning, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch.

The boys loved the idea of the monster truck but were none too thrilled when it started moving.

Travis' favorite thing.

The air hockey was too irresistible for Travis.


The monster truck wasn't any more fun by himself, apparently. I went to rescue the poor child and the thing yelled for me to "move away from the ride."

Now this is fun...swatting flies?!?

After the monster truck incident, we decided to leave the tokens out of this ride and just sit and use our wonderful imaginations. Things went much smoother. Well, after they finished fussing about who would be in front, that is. Travis got there first; sorry big brother.

The roller coaster ride finished off our big day at the Chuck E. Cheese's.

On Wednesday we went to Union Station in Kansas City. They had a huge miniature train display that both boys liked but Travis loved. I can't tell you how many times he said "I see choo-choo trains." It was pretty amazing.

This tree was set up where they usually have concerts. The whole place was beautiful.

All the Manchester boys/men.

After the train station we went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. The experience was awesome. Anyone with kids should eat here at least once. Every 30 minutes there is a thunder storm (without the rain) and every 15 minutes a different set of animals move and talk. It was neat-o.
The Jaguar which Travis absolutely loved. Usually Travis is a pill to take out to eat but this place pretty much kept him entertained.

The huge water fountain inside the restaurant. Sorry but I forgot what it reads.

Christmas day. Don't you love this picture? I have a picture frame with a little poem about brothers and I think I'll put this picture in there. What do you think? Is it okay to have them in their PJ? That's the only thing holding me back.

The day after Christmas we decided to leave ahead of the bad weather predicted for Saturday.
Dave and Sandy went to Kansas City with us and we stopped in at Cabela's and hung out for a while. The boys were restless and this was the only fun they had. The place was absolutely packed. Therefore we didn't get to look much because we had to keep a close eye on the boys. I didn't take a picture of it, but Travis almost jumped in a small pond display in the middle of the store. Boy was he mad at me for not letting him play in the water. Both boys were tired and ill.

The Manchester boys/men in front of some bears.

This picture pretty much sums up the entire Cabela's experience. Daddy holding the boys down and putting on a happy face.
This picture was taken in front of one of the many deer displays in a large room dedicated to deer. Now, supposedly there were differences in the deer in each display but I only noticed the differences in each of the scenes of the displays. Whoop-dee-do. The boys, needless to say, were not too impressed. They did like the Safari display on the other side of the store. But it was the last thing we looked at and I was too frustrated to get out the camera. You'll just have to visit there one day to see all the awesome displays of hunt-able animals
After finishing at Cabela's we stopped in at the Dino Cafe to eat. It was even more awesome than the Rainforest Cafe. But my camera was in the car so you'll just have to take my word for it or go visit one yourself.
We enjoyed our visit to Kansas and was glad to see Dave was doing as well as he said he was on the phone. The most memorable moments were definitely our time in the snow. To see more about that you'll have to scroll down a few posts ago.
Love you all!

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