Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monster Trucks and Doughnuts

So this past weekend we travelled over to Birmingham to see the monster trucks.

Here's Trevor and Ethan on our way to Birmingham.

Ethan at the show. Check out the ear plugs.

Here's the famous Alaina. We felt sorry for her and let her come with us.

Here's Tim. He had to take out his ear plugs before he'd let me take his picture.

Daddy enjoying some popcorn after he finally got to come in the arena and see the show. Trevor had a little problem with the noise and he and Daddy watched from the outside for the first half.

Pappaw to the rescue. He bought these fancy ear covers so Trevor could enjoy the show. Trevor also had his ear plugs in underneath the tires.

This is what Travis thought of the ear plugs. He pulled out and threw down 2 pair and ended up watching about the last third of the show without any ear protection.

The winner (surprise, surprise) was Grave Digger.

After the show we were headed to the mall but got side-tracked.
You understand, don't ya?


Big Bite!

Trevor wouldn't eat any doughnuts (crazy boy).

Travis had a few bites but he was just plain worn out.

Trevor and Ethan in front of the doughnut kitchen at Krispy Kreme.
After this we skipped the mall and headed to Tuscaloosa to eat at the Cracker Barrel. Over all it was fun but I don't think we'll travel all the way to Birmingham for monster trucks again. Not any time soon, anyway.

Okay, I think I'm caught up now. I do have some pics from around the house I've taken over the last few days, but I'll wait until next week to add those.
Have a good weekend everyone and stay warm:)

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Jon and Ashley said...

Love the pictures... love those kids... Looks like you all had fun :) And those are officially the coolest "ear-muffs" I have ever seen!