Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Party '08

Date: Saturday, 09-20-08
Time: 10am-12noon
Location: T and T's house
Theme: WALL-E
No disasters or anything real significant that happened to share. The boys had a blast and I'm pretty sure the guests had fun, too. The only thing different we did was not to have a cake because Trevor never eats any cake. So, I tried baking a big cookie which was not done completely in the middle but the outside tasted great! Thankfully, Trevor was not disappointed and there were enough adults there who liked their cookies gooey to finish it off. I also made buttermilk cupcakes with butter cream icing which were fab-u-lous. Travis had a good time with his cupcake as you can see from the pictures. Also, as you can see from the pictures, Brian did a wonderful job icing the cupcakes. They were so purty!

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Aunt Kia said...

Who's that cute kid in the brown shirt, about 11 years old? I'd like to take him home.